I have moved all of my stuff for a third time in the past three weeks. This time to Guelph home to a slew of radical punx and one of the countries top track teams. Friday morning I woke up to a facebook post from Gnarly RJ, of Ottawa’s Mount Trashmore fame, saying he had built me a loft bed for whenever I decided to arrive at our future home. That day at around 4pm after two hours of making our way through traffic my mom was dropping me off on Arthur St.

The house itself is falling apart in true punx fashion. “The River Shanty” as the Guelph lifers know is has been home to a few incarnations of punx, dealers and travelers of all sorts. The basement is a fucking mess, filled with piss jugs an insulated but decrepit jam space and one metric ton of building materials / the landlords stuff. The upsides include a huge backyard shared with a cool neighbor. At the very tip of which there are a bunch of chairs right on the river bank. The kitchen is huge too and once we get it set up I have faith it will be awesome.

My first two nights were spent in the downstairs bedroom on the loft bed which I was sharing with N. / Spork and N. / tay-tay. Since then I have moved myself upstairs to a room which has not yet been built. One which will most likely be made by drawing a curtain across the room. A bit less than desirable but everything is still being set up.

The house was set up a little over two weeks ago by a group of punk cuties from Ottawa. Spending only a few hours with them leaves the impression that they are super comfortable with each other; able to call each other on small shit most would let slide and do it with a smile. It’s a good vibe and one I hope will lead to a more open environment than my last few months @ The Burning Brick.

Looking back I can see I probably should have asserted myself more. There were a number of issues with one of the T’s which I never really settled. Some of it makes me feel petty for carrying on feeling resentful but I should be honest with how I feel.

Running has been on and off. I think I ran through my pair of Adizero Adios because my shins were quite sore until I went and got new shoes a couple days ago. I’m on the mend from my groin injury and managed to log about 30 miles last week. This week is off to a good start after an easy but solid 10km last night and my plan to find the Speed River Track practice tonight wherever they are, one would assume they’re at the track.

On Sunday I ran to the campus and found the Gryphon track which is dirt! I ran two miles at race pace, or so I thought. My Garmin beeped for me to stop saying I had ran a mile about 100m short of 1 mile according to the track. I’m unsure what to trust and it’s making me feel uneasy that I have possibly been running short miles this WHOLE time! AHH!!! This is what I get for trusting all this future tech. I’ll have to sort it out.

I am for sure on the mend and within a few days will hopefully feel close to 100%.

Stay healthy ya’ll


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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One Response to Guelph!

  1. Kara Passey says:

    You kids and your piss jugs.
    Mad love all over you! On your face!

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