A Stint with A Splint

Last weekend I ran two races, in hindsight I shouldn’t have run either. I have a shin splint in my left leg which has been bothering me since Thursday before the races. I should have taken the weekend off and let it rest, I shouldn’t have told my self it was just regular muscle soreness and I should have been icing and stretching it it every day since then. Someone brilliant young woman once told me you can’t ever should or shouldn’t of done something. I think that’s supposed to mean we do everything for a reason, even make mistakes.

I had been running through minor injuries since December. It seemed pretty par for the course. My body getting sore in places after years of relative inactivity. I would taper off the mileage and then build it back up when it would return. I bought a foam roller and started stretching more regularly. Doing a constantly shifting array of yoga poses, epsom salt baths and visits to the steam room. I was feeling very in touch with my body and like I was able to feel when I was reaching a tipping point. The difference between muscle soreness, slight muscle strain and legit full blown injury. I fear now I am somewhere between the latter two.

Last week I did two plyometric and weight work outs which I believe are what got me here. During Thursdays workout I started to feel some minor shin pain but convinced myself that with all the tools at my disposal I could take care of it after. I did stretch and steam and roll and massage it but after two races and then two days off when I took short 3-5 mile runs Wednesday and Thursday of this week I was still feeling pain and gauged that it was getting worse.

Thus, I’m sidelined.

Part of me thinks this could be a good opportunity to do solid cross training, to put more time into other areas of my life such as my music which I’ve been neglecting pretty hard. That same party doubts my ability to transition seamlessly into that. Running is where I get my energy for other activities. Hopefully I will be able to stay mentally tough for the next few weeks and stick to my recovery plan.

As of Thursday:
– No running until June 19th. Which will be roughly two weeks off my feet.
– Swimming / Water Running, Stationary Bike & Weights 3-4 days a weeks to maintain fitness.
– Post or Pre work out session with foam roller and 20 minutes of stretching.
– 10-15 minute steam room and self – massage of effected area 2-3 days a week.
– 400-800mg of Ibprophen a day until June 15th ish.

June 19th onward:
– 3 – 5 miles every other day, plus one 8 mile long run for first two weeks.
– depending on pain level. Start with 1 speed session a week, adding one additional speed session each week until I am able to run 3-4 again.
– continued use of R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) post work out
– Epsom salt baths post work out as needed.
– Ibprophen post work out… maybe. If it’s severe enough to require anti-inflammatory after 2 -3 weeks of recovery than I may have to consider a serious lay over, guh.

Send me some positive vibes and hopefully I’ll be back to posting trivial updates about long runs through Osbourne Village in no time.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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