Weather’s Turning

Wednesday :
We had a temp drop and some frost two nights ago. Everyone’s gardens probably got a bit of a shock from that. I took the day off from running on Tuesday and my evening was a bit of a write off. My legs were still quite sore from monday’s gym session so after work I took a nap and made dinner and then went to visit A. at work which was nice. She leaves soon and I’m going to miss her a lot.

Wednesday at about noon I took a jog to the Kelvin high school track to do a sprint workout. It was my first sprint work out since I’ve gotten back into running. It felt good and a bit strange to have tired legs with my cardio still ready to go. I did two sets of 5 x 200m. I managed to get down to 29 seconds on my fastest rep and did the rest between 30 and 33.

The fastest rep was a time I ran past a dude walking across the track and noticed him looking at me. Being around other people always makes me push a little harder, that is probably a truth for many runners. I don’t so much care about people thinking I look fast but I do want to look smooth, as effortless as possible. I told myself “Stay smooth, don’t speed up, don’t get tense. Be light.”

I am constantly staring when I see runners on the street. I notice their stride, I watch their pronation and gate. I look at their shoulders. Are they pulling their elbows back? Are they swinging their hands across the center of their chest or using them to drive forward? Then you can see how it fits together. How they either push their butt out or tuck their hips in and underneath them. How tense or loose they look. Most times you can pick out a good runner just by watching them for a few seconds.

B. and I met up after my run. We hung around the house for a couple hours before walking to the sports medical supplies place. I had been wanting a foam roller for quite a while now. There are all sorts of awesome exercises you can do with them to help your muscles recover faster. It was about an hour walk but it was really nice out and we talked about our high school make out partners as we made out way towards the Pan Am Pool. C. was out front tending to the Landless Farmers Collective gardens which are in the pan am lawn.

B. got a call from her sister inviting us to have dinner at their place. We ended up getting picked up from the store and had a nice drive to Transcona, I think that’s the area. B. lives in a house with wood paneling that makes it look like a cottage in the middle of the city with her sister and mom and a tiny dog. We sat at the table and ate taco’s, which her sister made us, and watched a stream of runner’s go up and down the street.

After dinner we hung out in the backyard for a bit and then took a nap. Around 10:30pm S. took us to pick up B’s mom at her work and then drove us to one of B’s friends house. There we hung out for about an hour. B. and her two friends tried some wine they had made and smoked various kinds of American cigarettes and middle eastern tobaccos. It was a nice time. We went home and called it a day after making stir fry and passing out watching an IMAX dvd about space.

B. and I woke up and had a nice morning of cuddling and oatmeal. Once she left I ended up taking a nap and sitting around for the rest of the day before heading off to run with V’s group. Before I went out I took the opportunity to roll out my legs for the first time which was very painful.

I was feeling super sluggish on the way out and was breathing somewhat heavy by the time I made it the 4.25 miles to the Formal Gardens. I feel that rolling my legs released a lot of negative feelings and heavy energy in my legs. I might have eaten too close to running or my legs were wiped from the hard run on Wednesday and Mondays weights. I did 4 x 1 mile at tempo pace which wasn’t very hard, and then headed home nice and easy.

I rolled my legs out again and stretched on the front lawn while having a shake and a snack. Fists In were already practice next door and I felt a bit anxious about going over because I’m always late for practice. After practice I felt pretty tired and went home to sleep since I had to work in the morning.

I opened the grocery store at the Mondragon and somehow managed to stay pretty busy the whole day. I spent a good chunk of the morning sorting through a bin of green onions that were going bad, making them look at pretty. E. suggested I do some filing at about 2pm when I was running out of tasks. At about 3:40 I headed home for the day with a backpack full of groceries.

I took a nap before heading into the gym. It was raining out and my plan to have a nice easy run seemed like it wasn’t going to happen so I decided to go to the YMCA. On my way there I was feeling pretty good and decided maybe I didn’t want to run the Air Force race on Sunday. This would free me up to do a good weight work out again and set myself up really nicely for the Run for Rights on June 4th.

After warming up I did an almost identical work out to Mondays minus the cable exercises and the incline sit ups. I was concentrating on doing all the exercises the best I could, taking my time, having good form and taking fewer breaks between reps. At 7pm I started and had a goal of being done my work out by 8pm so I pushed through with less recovery and started to get quite tired. Luckily all the harder exercises were at the beginning and by 7:45 I was in the studio with my roller stretching and doing a bit of abs. After a quick bit in the pool and a steam, shave and shower I was done.

The Mad Young Darlings had their CD release on Friday which started at 8pm and I was determined not to miss Natasha’s set. I’ll write a full review of the show in another post, but I will say that it was great and I’m really proud of all those folks for finally finishing their project with such success.

At the show I had a glass of wine even though I felt like I shouldn’t. That one glass spiraled into drinking until 3 in the morning at the Mondragon with stops at a fancy club to dance to R&B and shotgun beers in the elevator. It was a good night and I did have a really good time but I woke up at 7:30am on Saturday morning for work with the weight of regret.

I can’t decide if I want to stop drinking or not. That’ll have to be saved for another post as well.

I was super tired at work all day and couldn’t concentrate. I ended up leaving at around 2pm because there wasn’t much to do and I was being quite useless. I slept (do I nap alot or what?) for maybe 5 hours and woke up when the Fists In team showed up at my door to collect me for practice.

We spent the night finishing up some sections of the songs I have been feeling a bit sketchy about. D. and I took a bit in the kitchen unplugged to figure out guitar leads which was nice since I’ve pretty much been improving most of the leads at all of our shows to varying degrees of success. I feel like we have things pretty set now which is great.

D. showed us some pictures from the MYD show and a few other nights while we collectively day dreamed about an august tour. We took cool pictures for animated gifs of each band member and registered a web domain for the band! We’re like a real band now pretty much haha. Soon recording!

I have run out of steam for this post so I will leave you with an animated gif D. made for/of me from the last show at All The Way. Enjoy and goodnight.

Me playing with Sh!thawks at what would be the last All The Way house show.


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