Strong Feels Good

All morning long I couldn’t shake this chill. The temperature had dropped to maybe 4-5 degrees over night and I am sleeping with my window open. Yesterday morning I woke up warm but the moment I stepped out of bed I was shocked by how cold my room was and that feel stayed with me all morning. After I had finished with the Kombucha I put on my warmest running t-shirt and headed out for a repeat of a solid 10 mile run I had done two weeks prior. The race last weekend had made me miss my long run so I was feeling anxious about getting out there again. Especially since my calf was tight since before the race last weekend.

My legs were still feeling tired even though I had taken two days off. I did go quite hard last week running 5 days straight all of them quality runs. By the time I found my pace it was already the end of the 3rd mile and I was heading into the park. The shirt I was wearing turned out to be too warm so I stopped briefly to stash it under a tree. Through the park I tried to pick up the pace and managed to do three solid miles hitting 6:33, 6:38, 6:33. My average pace was still 6:47 because of the slow first miles so I held the pace and hovered around 6:35-6:40 for the rest of the run.

On the boulevard path I passed one of the racers from the Puma 5km series who was running with who I assume is his partner. He had beaten me the first race when I was still finding my legs but had placed right behind me in the other two 5kms. He seemed to recognize me and we said hello as we went by each other. I came into the last mile at 6:30 and a total time of 1:08, a full minute slower than the previous run. Oh well, can’t PR every time.


This morning I went to the YMCA for the first time in maybe two weeks. The nice weather, racing and playing so many shows had taken up all of my time, or at least posed as a nice excuse not to go lift weights. But today I sucked it up and went in.

I had a quick breakfast of left over pizza and a shake before hand. I snacked while looking over workouts and weight training exercises on the internet. Plyometrics has really been the only thing to seriously drain the life out of my legs. Maybe running the Hill on one of the hard days did too but doing a Plyo workout seems more efficient maybe. I drew up a work out plan for today and I am hoping to repeat it later this week and early next week again. Here’s what I did:

Warm Up – 1 mile easy, 2 x 30m A’s, 2 x 30m B’s, 2 x 30m Butt Kicks into High Knees, 4 x 30m Bounding

3 sets of – 10 x Split Jumps, 10 x Jump Squats, 1 lap easy
30 second recovery

3 sets of – 2 single leg squats + 10 hops per leg, 10 x Kangaroo Jumps, 1 lap easy
30 second recovery

2 sets of – 10 chin ups, 10 dips, 10 suspended leg lifts, 10 push ups, 1 lap easy
30 seconds recovery

2 sets of – 10 x Bicep curl to overhead shoulder press (20lbs), 10 x ITB weighted stretch and pull back (20lbs), 1 lap easy

2 sets of – 20 x Weighted incline sit ups (10lbs)
2 sets of – 10 x Weighted incline sit ups (25lbs)

3 sets of – 15 x Weighted back ups (10lbs) (haha these are like a reverse sit up… I don’t know what they’re called)

3 sets each leg /w weighted cable attached to ankle – 10 x knee raises (60lbs), 10 x abductor pull (40lbs), 10 x adductor pull (40lbs)

1 minute of bringing knees to chest while balancing my butt on a 1/2 bosu ball.

15 minutes of stretching /w some yoga poses.

15 minutes in the pool. Lightly kicking legs /w flutter board to release lactic acid build up.

10 minutes in steam room

Looking at that now it seems like a lot and I was there for maybe two hours by the time I had showered and gotten dressed. No part of my body feels worn out though. I just feel like I’ve actually done a work out, and like I’ll be able to run hard tomorrow which is what I plan to do.

I walked to the ‘Drag afterward and made myself some left overs. I was planning on doing some prep but seeing the state of things I’m pretty sure we’ll be okay tomorrow without me getting into make soups and stuff right now.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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