Amuse ‘Booch

This morning I work up late, and that was frustrating. I am going to set a bedtime for myself, maybe 12:30am and asleep by 1am. I can’t deal with sleeping from four or five in the morning until noon anymore. It throws me too far off when I have to wake up for work at 8am some days.

B. stopped back as I was watching Chariots of Fire last night. She didn’t care for it and I hurt her feelings by watching the rest of it. I had thought things where cool because she didn’t mention not wanting to finish watching it with me. Maybe when people come over I should just stop what I was doing alone and give them my attention. I find that really difficult sometimes as I just want to see whatever is it I’m doing through to it’s end.

We stayed up quite late talking about that and now I’m very tired. My plan is to go on a hard 10 mile run before work today and I hope I find the energy despite my lack of sleep.

The reason I am posting now is to document the beginning of my Kombucha project.

Last night I brewed a bunch of organic black tea and added a load (1 cup) of sugar to it. I didn’t measure it out exactly but it tasted sweet enough from my past experience. I made note to use filtered water from the Mondragon and not to over boil it to keep a good amount of oxygen or something like that in the brew. SCIENCE!

Organic Black Tea steeping & cooling overnight.

I left my mother at the Spence Haus when I moved out and can only assume it’s been thrown out since then. Instead of useing an existing mother I am going to try and grow a new one by adding a fresh bottle of Kombucha from the Mondragon and another half bottle we had sitting in the fridge. I poured the bottles into my existing tea and let it sit for 5-10 minutes while I washed out my carboy with a bit of bleach and water.

I poured the tea into the carboy, there was more than I had thought. My goal is to make enough for a week if I drink roughly 1C a day. I have a few old Grolsch bottles kicking around from last week that I will use while the brew carbonates. I covered the carboy with a sleeve from a plaid shirt I had cut up for a white trash party a few weeks ago. The theme of that party had actually led to a mild confrontation between my punk friends and my neighbors. And then a larger argument between myself and my friend… it was a shitty night.

To keep the light out I covered the carboy an old running shirt that has an hilarious picture of Jesus on it and the word FREEDOM written really big across the chest. This should become my permanent Booch Cover.

a) Two bottles of already made Kombucha I added to my tea in hopes of cultivating a mother b) Steeped organic black tea, sugar and the two bottles combined in a carboy and covered for protection c) To keep the light out and help the mother grow I have asked for help from my number one best buddy Jesus Christ.

Now we play the waiting game. Roughly a week from now I should have a tiny mushroom or “scobby” growing ontop of the tea. At that point I’ll drain the brew into the grolsch bottles and let it carbonate for an extra dew days before putting them in the fridge to await consumption.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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