Let’s Start Again

I haven’t posted in over a week. I have been putting this off ironically because I have had so much to write about. Over the past week and a bit I have been involved in a few intense political arguments with my friends, I’ve played 3 shows, have almost left Winnipeg for Montreal, MC’d a fundraiser for the A-Zone collective and have run maybe 40 miles. I’ll give some brief highlights of what I can remember.

A-Zone Fundraiser:
Was great! To be honest I have no idea how much money we raised but on Saturday night when I left the Mondragon we were at roughly $5000. I MC’d for four hours with M. Parts were really difficult. Filling 10-15 minutes of dead air by yourself is hard and by the end of my time I was feeling mentally and emotionally drained. I wish I had prepared a little more maybe.

Sh!thawks played a set which went well. I left feeling almost embarrassed though. We didn’t screw up noticeably, but for some reason I felt singing those songs for people was too personal. I had sharing a bit too much of myself at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable. After my set I went home right away with B.

Show @ All The Way:
Fists In! played and we screwed up soooo much, I was really embarrassed.

Sh!thawks set was a little bit better. Chris was there to video tape it and I’m hoping I can edit some of that with him to put on YouTube. I’ll keep you posted on that one.


I won a race last Sunday! F. and I drove out to the Wellness Center at the Seven Oaks Hospital. It was the first race day of the year that wasn’t total shit. The past races had been plagued with snow and sleet and rain, but on Sunday the sun was shining and it was almost even too hot.

I had set a goal of trying to break 36 minutes. There was a younger guy at the start line, a high school kid, who told me he was training to run a 1:14 half marathon. That is 4 minutes faster than I could hope to run it so when we took off the line I didn’t try to stay with him. He went through his first mile in around 5:10 but I managed to hold him in sight going through my first in 5:25. Even still way too fast, so I let off the throttle a bit knowing there were still 5 long mile to go.

Coming around the 5km mark he was starting to get out of reach. But even in the distance I could see him looking over his shoulder and a faint hope grew that maybe he would let off his pace a bit. I went through 5km in 18 on the button. Perfect, almost exactly where I wanted to be. I am trying to race in negative splits these day.

Over the next few miles I picked the pace back up trying to push and get and stay under 36 minutes. I started to make up a lot of distance on the kid as we headed down a huge straight away back to the suburbs and the turn around. Somewhere between the 4th and 5th mile I caught up to him. By then we were in the thick of a lot of traffic. The side walks and paths the race was on were packed with couples pushing strollers and walkers of all sorts. I asked if he wanted to finish together and he pleasantly agreed. We pushed through, yelling “TRACK!” and I heard a few people say “Woah! Look at those guys”

Come down the home stretch, 400m to go, I told the kid he should take the win. He said okay and went on ahead but didn’t start to kick like I was hoping he would. As we pulled down the home stretch I started a moderate kick assuming he would pick up the pace as well but I caught up to him. Seeing the clock I made one final surge and passed him in the last 5 meters. Woops haha.

I finished in 35:34 and he was 1 second behind me.

I won a pair of Asics shoes which I managed to trade for a nice pair of Adidas adiZero Pro 4 racing flats. And I got a green Saucony singlet so now I have a green and black racing outfit WOOT!

On Tuesday I went to the Kelvin track and tried out the flats. They’re super light and fit much nicer than my T5’s which I can now see are too big for me. I think I prefer the T5’s but having a pair of flats that actually fit properly is amazing. I did 3 half miles in 2:13, 2:13 and 2:16 and then 2 400’s in 59 and 63. Apparently I still have a bit of speed in my legs even though I haven’t done any sprint training yet this year.

All in all it’s been a good week. I’ll write about Montreal / No-Montreal in another post later tonight. Right now I’ve chosen to stay in town, start to work a few days a week again and live my life here. I think I’m maybe happy eating well, training and spending my off time with my friends and on the internet trying to find places in Europe and New Mexico to WWOOF. More on all of that later.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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