Election Day

I went to the polls today to refuse my ballot. They didn’t know anything about that and insisted I spoil it, which I did. I had actually been planning on eating my ballot for the past few weeks. I didn’t have the energy for making a scene today though. I turned in what looked like on of my 7th grade English tests, the answers forgotten and in their place circle A’s and the phrase “Leave us alone! I’m so not down with this shit!” As usual there were disapproving looks from the volunteers at the polls, citizens who buy into “what voting means”.

We act as if Canada doesn’t fight unjust wars, this country doesn’t bully other countries, those are the Americans you’re thinking of. We forget this isn’t even our land and then appropriate culture and claim to be peace loving.

I understand that not voting doesn’t resolve these issues. But, I will not participate in the charade that a population who, once every few years, fills out a ballot and then returns to an sheltered life of privilege is a democracy we should be proud of.

Really in the end the act of voting, or more so the act in believing in our electoral system, is to consent to being governed and that is something I just cannot do.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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One Response to Election Day

  1. Rob says:

    In four years’ time let’s bring back ballot eating. On my ballot I wrote one word in each of the 5 candidate bubbles: ‘None…of…the…above…!”

    I added you to my blog roll, so add me to yours! http://planify.blogspot.com/

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