I am what I eat, apparently.

After going to Hollow Reed last week I’ve been taking a few new supplements and trying to avoid certain foods all in the hopes of improving my mood. I think it’s been working but I’m having some serious issues with sugar cravings. I started taking fish oil capsules for omega’s and tyrosine to help boost concentration as well as giving up or reducing the amount of sugar I’m consuming.

I made it a few days completely sugar free but then had a to binge. I’m considering only having natural sugars like those from fruits, as well as agave. I can’t decide if that means I should give up Kombucha since it is made with a ton of sugar, I’ll have to look into if the mother eats most of it or not. I’m going to make an earnest attempt at having only fruit sugars this week, drinking more tea and I’m also considering giving up booze until after the Run for Rights race.

The fish oils apparently take at least a few weeks to make a noticeable effect on your mood. The tyrosine, which I’m only taking every other day and not the full dose, seems to work pretty well whenever I take it. The problem is that you need to take it on an empty stomach and the only time during the day I have an empty stomach and, being a continual snacker, that is only first thing in the morning for me. Chad had said that the tyrosine wasn’t something he would suggest taking long term and that makes me pretty cautious about it. Hopefully the fish oils pick up in a week or two.

Oh and apparently Osama’s Dead.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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