Friday is No Decisions Day

I went an entire co-chefing shift on friday without making a single decision about what to make or how the place should be ran. My partner N. took care of everything. This started as a plan to gently force her to take control of the kitchen. She tend to be pretty timid when it comes to decision making. Even after the six months she’s been with the dragon she still hasn’t stepping into a leadership role when she’s shifted as the kitchens facilitator. Well no more! She knows how to do the vast majority of the tasks and those she doesn’t she is fully capable of figuring out, so, I left it all up to her. There were a few bumpy points but we made it through and I hope she has a little more faith in herself now.

After work ran a few errands and made dinner which I ate while watching Shaolin and subsequently passed out. A. and I went for a walk to the store to pick up cheese and bread because I was craving a snack. I walked her home and then she returned the favor halfway with Buddy in hand. I watched the rest of Shaolin while devouring half a brick of havarti (sorry to myself) and almost a full loaf of bread. I actually woke up on the couch at 8am and felt super good.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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