Monday thru Thursday

I’m not in the habit of updating this daily yet. I’ve been falling behind and so here’s one big update for what has happened this week for me.

Monday – The Mondragon was closed but a few of us went in to do some clean up anyway. P. and I cleaned out the loft for maybe two hours. There is a ton more room up there now and we’re purging maybe 10 boxes of books, shoes and junk to the goodwill. After the clean I sat around in the newly cleaned loft reading books about curing depression with food.I’m going to try and eat oats every day as well as basil as often as possible. I’m also looking into L-Tyrosine, Taurine and Lithium as possible supplements.

I was supposed to have an intuitive massage from my dear friend M. but she wasn’t feeling up to it so we’re going to reschedule. When she had heard that I was feeling down she gave me a few stones to carry around. One is a grey Onyx, which is supposed to help me with feeling grounded. They are meant to help the holder form new habits, to give strength and to repel negative thoughts. The others are both Tiger’s-Eyes, which help against weakness and unclear thinking that undermines ones personal strenth. They can apparently absorb negative thoughts, roman soldiers used to wear them in batter for protection. I’ve had them all week now and I’ve been feeling better, so I’m going to continue to take them with me.

I made Cajun Oat Burgers, which is a modified recipe I learned from T’s Mom in Thessalon. I made a wicked salad with goji berries, sunflower seeds, hydroponic romaine, peppers, pear and an Omega Oil/Mustard dressing. B. and I watched Rock & Rule and then went to sleep.

I did no running on Monday.

Tuesday – I had the day off from work, but still got up early. I went in to work anyway to drop off a keg that was left over from the Rumblestrips show. I did laundry and made lunch for Will, Rose and myself before heading to Hollow Reed. I asked Chad about the supplements I had read about the day before. He suggested that I try taking an Omega complex high in DHA and EPA after hearing from a number of other manic’s that fish oil was what helped them best. I got a bottle and that’s what I’m going to try this month. He also had an expired bottle of L-tyrosine on the shelf and gave it to me after I mentioned I loved to dumpster food! YEAH! .That’s it for this month though cause I want to be able to recognize what is working and what isn’t. I spent maybe an hour trying to hunt down a yoga bolster, or a roller whatever you want to call it. None of the yoga places had one. I’ll get one next week maybe.

Feeling good after getting stuff done I popped a Tyrosine ran back to work to pick up my shoes which I had forgotten that morning. I made my way out to Garbage Hill nice and easy, stopping for a short conversation with M. on the way. I did a small warm up, stretched and then did 10 times up the hill which is about a 5% incline and “just shy of 400m”. I think it’s closer to 360-370. I borrowed V’s watch and my times were pretty surprising. Two weeks ago I did the same work out and the fastest I was able to go was 69 seconds. This week I did my first rep in 64 seconds and managed to do every rep under 69, maybe I’m getting faster. I jogged home down the tracks and the weather was great, all seemed well.

Wednesday – I worked in the morning but aside from that and a note on my training log saying I did 5 easy miles I can’t remember what happened on Wednesday. Oh yeah! Band practice! Which I was totally late for because S. and I were fooling around at the gym. She’d hurt her knee over-training and I was helping her with her form. I taught her A’s B’s and a few other exercises. We wrote the majority of a new song at practice. Everyone seemed pumped about it, and we’re hoping to play it at the show on the 16th. A. and I had a dinner at her new place. She has the softest dog named buddy… holy shit! Soooo soft. I went to bed somewhat early.

Thursday – I had a super busy day at work. An order from ONFC came in right before the rush and I had to do my orders and all of that on top of all the craziness.

Thursday was a super long running day for me. I did the 4.12 miles to the park for interval practice. I had planned to do 6 x 1 mile reps. V. introduced me to a rad dude who was running a similar pace to me. He was planning on doing 5 x 1 miles at 80-85% and I opted to join him. I jogged around doing an easy mile of warm up exercises waiting for him to warm up. I did the first rep with him and felt super good so each one after that we would go out the first half together and I would take off for the 2nd 800m, pulling ahead maybe 10 seconds on that second bit. All the reps were between 5:55 and 5:40, so roughly 10km pace. After 5 reps I was positive I could do another but knew I had a long way to run still so I held off. I then ran all the way to the Forks which proved to be maybe a bit too much. I had done 1 mile barefoot on the treadmill the day before and that over worked my right calf.

It was pretty sore by the time I met up with B. She had a tea for me and we walked back to my place so I could change and grab my wallet. On the way we saw Loche, Jodi, Alex, Alex and Les! Everyone I knew was outside apparently. B. and I went to Charisma for dinner and I ate a ton of buffet. We went home and cleaned my room, made tea and went to sleep because I was wiped after running 16 miles.

That’s pretty much my week so far. Watch this and feel good.


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Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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