Sunday 04/24

I made it out of bed around one in the afternoon. B. and I made plans to hang out at night which were delayed because of my procrastination. I ate a small breakfast and sat around for a bit regaining my senses. W. & D. were hanging out in the living room. They invited me to go slack lining in the park behind the Broadway Community Centre. I opted to go for a run instead. I had been unsure if I wasn’t too tired to go for a long run but I went anyway.

I took off on my normal route down Wellington towards Assinboine Park. W. had been raving about the weather but for the first mile or so of my run I was pretty cold. I almost turned back when I saw some clouds rolling in and felt a few drops hit my shoulders. I was wearing my new Puma Compression shirt which I had won at the Puma 5km series. It was maybe too small even though I got a medium instead of a small. Through out the run it was riding up and the shoulders crept in a bit, not a big deal but I probably won’t wear it too much. By the time I got to the boulevard trail on Wellington the sun was out again and I was reassured about my choice to go out.
I made my was into the park and still didn’t have a super solid plan where I was going or how far I wanted to go. The sun was really shining by that point and it was quite warm so I wanted to stay outside for as long as I could. I did a full loop around the park, meeting up with the 5km route from last weekend. All the open space and nice weather lifted my mood and shook what little hang over I had. I picked up the pace through the park without really meaning to, I only noticed when I left and had to slow myself down.

Not wanting to run the exact same route on the way back I ran over the bridge to Olmans Creek. The way out of that park was flooded and I had to do an extra loop and head back onto Portage and then around back onto Woseley. Noticing OP was open I stopped in to see if I would have time to run home and back with some cash so I could make B. and I dinner. No such luck, they were closing in 15 minutes. I met up with W. and friends briefly in the park. They were there with a bunch of local kids who were trying out the slack line. I went home for dinner and a stretch.

B. came over later in the evening. We watched I’m Still Here which was super depressing. I had to convince B. that we should finish it after we took a snack break. I’m still unsure what exactly is going on with Joaquin Phoenix. I don’t believe that he actually believe’s he’s going to make it as a rapper. I’m thinking maybe he wanted out. To sabotage his career to escape the limelight. I suppose we won’t know until he decides to talk about it. Casey Affleck, who directed the movie, has come out saying that it wasn’t a real documentary. If that means that the movie was scripted or that Joaquin’s whole change was fake I’m still unsure. Either way I enjoyed watching it and have been facinated by JP since I saw his Interview /w Letterman. I dig it.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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