Saturday 04/23

Did 8 miles easy down Wellington to the park and back before coming in for a cash shift at the Mondragon. The day was pretty slow/lax and we were able to let M. go home early. T. and I went to watch R. dance after work. She was great, it was nice to see a friend doing something she loves. T. headed back home to Thessalon that night on th greyhound.

I went dancing for the first time in maybe three or four months. It was totally needed. C. came over and we had a little pre-party at my place before bike/skating over to the Zoo.Ashburner, from the UK, was spinning when I came into the bar. He was tight but  Ill-Esha stole the night for me. She was amazing, super rad live vocals over top of tight glitch hop. I love watching a DJ having a good time while they spin. While she sang .er arms reaching over the board, eyes close and a huge smile on her face. She looked like she was sleep walking through the best dream, and then BAM something would break and the crowd would holler in responce. “Soooo GOOD! Soooo GOOD!”

A few of us went to an after party at a warehouse over the tracks. B. gave us a drive in his sketchy white van. T. let me in for the promise of a salad in the future, thanks man! I met only one offensive douche not bad. C. was there with a friend who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me. We had some beers and talked to strangers. I ended up going home at 5:30am. I summoned a quick drunken snack from the stove before bed, put way too much hot sauce in it, and was in bed in time to catch the sunrise through my bedroom window.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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