Thursday 04/21

Super tired from the show! I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am which was late considering I had to be at work for 8am. I wanted to make breakfast for the HFX punx but they were all fucking late and so that didn’t happen, haha oh well. Punk time exists. Work was pretty hectic and I didn’t get my orders done until super late in the day.

I ended up taking long nap after seeing the strips off on their way to Edmonton…or was it Calgary? I can’t remember. Either way that was the beginning of a sleep cycle I’ve been on ever since which I’m not totally fond of. I’ve been sleeping 4-5 hours at night and then another 3-4 halfway through the day when I get home. It’s nice to wake up at 8pm and be full of energy but making it from noon to 6 or whatever is super rough.

Shannon called me with some question about work. We ended up making plans to head to the gym when she was off. I got there a bit before she did and ran some laps to warm up. After watching Without Limits the other night I’ve been trying to work my hips more under the rest of my frame. I did two 5:15 miles after warm up and then walked around Shannon showing her how to use the equipment. It was a good night.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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