The Rumblestrips ect Show Review / Wednesday Recap

I took the day off from running Wednesday since my legs were tired. Steve Believe, Kelly and Sonny who play as The Rumble Strips came by Winnipeg for a show at our place. Celeste and Joe aka Old Man Nick also agreed to play since The Broke Spokes had to pull off of the bill. Things were slow to start as per usual. [ Hey Winnipeg, early shows are awesome, you don’t have to show up 2 hours after doors to be COOOOL! In fact you should show up early with pot luck items]

We had a great night once everyone actually showed up though. Celeste’s jammed out her endearing songs on an accordion. It made me want to busk. TODI FUCKING STRONGHANDS showed up out of the blue having hitched a hide with the Halifax punx. His songs were slower and a little less intense than I remember them.  He was better than time I saw him play solo and it was great to see some of the local punks enjoy and witness him playing.

Then the fucking Rumblestrips played… seriously Kelly write’s awesome songs. It’s all cute lyrical hooks, animal metaphors and a healthy dose of that eastern canadian folk punk vibe none of us can seem to shake. It left me feeling that these kids live in days off, singing songs that get them through their gaps in motivation. Totally rad.

I played an semi-acoustic solo set through Steve B’s amp. I had told Ian he didn’t need to come and then tried to get him to come play again last minute but haha that didn’t work. I think it went well, I managed to improv my way through some transitions and put some maybe-interesting variations on my songs. No one yelled out for Want More which was awesome, I played it second to avoid that haha. That is the only song anyone ever wants to hear. I need to record again maybe.

Old Man Nick closed off the night with a gritty set. His usual I’m sure, I’ve only seen him twice. Super solid Chuck Ragan esque songs from a believable country boy now living in the city.

We drank a keg of Stir Stick Stout! We broke even and made some cash for the Rumblestrips! I walked a cute girl to the bus stop and everyone was right with the world for a moment.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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