Tuesday Recap

I woke up Tuesday feeling quite a bit better than the previous day. A. had come over Monday night and I was able to talk about a few things I had been holding on to. A’s pretty good to me and I want to do a better job of recognizing people like that in my life. I have a great circle of support and even people across the country apparently who are willing to “be there”. I just can’t stand the idea of someone’s opinion of me being all the negative stuff that spills through my head. But I need to get over that, let it out to someone I suppose. This internet thing is maybe a good way to do that to everyone without feeling like I’m putting it on any one persons shoulders.

Tuesday I had the whole day off! Holy shit! I made this blog and C. came over on a whim which was great. We worked through planning her next few months. It felt good to talk about someone else’s life and fears, made me feel less out of it.

I ran the 4 miles out to Garbage Hill quite early, wearing probably more than what was needed. I ended up being quite warm on the way back but not unbearably so. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to run out to the hill. The concrete kills me but all the roads running  east-west seem to be too busy to run on them for any long stretch of time. I might need to start stretching it out into Wolseley.

A few of the other club members were trickling in when by the time I was at the hill and warmed up. I did 8 solid reps up the hill. The stretch is just shy of 400m apparently I’m judging it at about 365 which is maybe a conservative bet. The hill isn’t super steep on the road where we run up, but it’s length makes up for it. I didn’t have a watch with me but I felt the effort to be about the same as last time I ran hills there. I guessed I did the reps around 70-73. I didn’t want to go too hard since my legs were still a bit worn from Sunday’s race.

B. was going to cut my hair after I got home. Her roomate, K., who is a stylist at a legit salon (haha not punx) seems a bit offended whenever we don’t ask her to cut our hair. So I got a super hip haircut! She put moose and stuff in it and made me look very trendy, which was hilarious to everyone who was watching. The good news is that it looks much nicer than what I had going on before, AND my rattail is still there! So I only lost maybe 50 punk points in the process.

B. and I stayed up pretty late watching Without Limits, which I was WAY more into than she was. Seriously, Prefontaine is the greatest dude. I wish we could have been friends and bro’d out over an easy 10.

Maybe next time around.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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