Monday April 18th

Over 5 Bridges Under 1 Hour: A New Route.

Around sundown I went for an easy run trying to sweat out my terrible mood. I couldn’t quite decide where to go but knew I wanted to head down the other side of the Red River where Felicia and I had gone the week before. Hoping to stretch it out a bit first I headed towards Woseley.  The Maryland Bridge took me over the river for the first time. Making my way on through small parks and over boulevards I worked on a mid-foot striking as best I could with my trainers on. Took a small detour to check out the Organza dumpster which was full but I didn’t have the energy to open more than the top layer of bags. Having found nothing I headed down some side streets, avoiding Pembina, toward Main St. and the bridge into St.Boniface and down the other side of the river. Once the trails ended I turned back and decided to head home. Heading over the other 2nd part of the Main St Bridge I noticed I had crossed the river three times already. I began to wonder how many bridges I could run over before I got home. There were still a few close to me. I decided to take the Midtown Bridge back towards the village just so that I could run over the Osbourne Bridge back to my house. My pace picked up a bit in the last 1/3, woops. I made it home in just under an hour which was too fast, I need a GPS watch so I can keep track of my slow pace.


About Chasing Heels

Is a twenty something freegan anarchist living in Winnipeg Manitoba.
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